Hey guys i need to suggestion from all member


How can i get my first order …??
I really need know … because i didn’t get any order for my gig … I m very very disappoint…:sob::sob:


Keep promoting your gigs off fiverr and spend more time on the site. Spend on a minimum 6hours.


I believe you should hire someone to edit your gig description/profile description.
Having poor grammar can cause many buyers avoid you because:

  1. They think they will have communication problems with you
  2. You not taking the time to make the description perfect makes you look unprofessional


I agree with zeus777. It can mislead buyers however when they order, then have the unpleasant surprise of finding out that the communication is not good.


I see. Many people keep ask this question. I keep answer. People don’t want to keep listen. I am very frustrate.

Intentional bad grammar aside… seriously? What are you DOING to EARN your orders?

Expecting results without any productive work isn’t going to get you anywhere.


Hi, camqueen!

Participating in the forum is a first step in learning how to become a better seller, nice to meet you here :slight_smile:

In my honest opinion, your profile looks faked. The combination of the username “camqueen” with the Thai model photo is somehow unreal to me. An everyday selfie may be more realistic to me.

I have only one-month of seller experience. So far I have learned that in the beginning, you have to offer something extraordinary. Ideally, a service you do not get at this price elsewhere on Fiverr.

My Gigs, for example, offer a quite ordinary product. That’s why I strive to deliver a product that costs twice as much elsewhere. I strive to offer exceptional customer service, appreciating $5 orders as much as the more expensive ones. I learn new techniques in order to improve my skills and therefore raising the quality of my service every day. I buy software, online courses and books to become a professional in my field someday. My actual goal is to get an Adobe Certification. This alone will not bring success, but it will be a small part of it.

If you are a professional in your field, then get people to know about that. Show your certifications. Focus on how your service will improve your customers business. I had a look at one of your Gigs and noticed you focus on what you do. You may want to focus more on your customers’ benefits.

One year ago I tried to offer German translations at nearly the same price as Level One or Level Two sellers. At the time, I just made a Gig and assumed people would buy it, because my mother tongue is German, after all. I was wrong.

Furthermore, successful sellers sometimes outsource orders when they are overbooked. While this is against Fiverr TOS, it does not affect you as a seller. These people search specifically for new sellers who offer good quality at a very reasonable price with fast delivery and sufficient revisions. Maybe you can find a way to get your first order this way.

Because you do not have any reviews to lose, you may think about closing this account and choosing a new, more reputable username.

Last but not least: improve your English skills every day, step by step (i know it’s not easy, English is a big challenge for me). Use Google Translator and Grammarly. Have a look at this link and prepare quick answers: https://■■■■■■/BchKeU

All the best,


thank you…for you suggestion


Thank you so much …