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Hey guys, I've made some changes in my gigs, review please

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Gig: "I will do data entry work with all of the types of data at a low price"

It says “I have analytical mindest” where it should say “…mindset”. Maybe an “an” could be added too.
In the basic package description it says "Entering the data from exciting sources ". Maybe it should say “existing sources”.

Though in the gig package description in describes what you do, in the gig description it doesn’t say much about what is done in the actual gig. ie. most is about your skills rather than what you do in the gig.

I’m still not sure it should say “contact me through any of the listed mediums”. It could just say to contact you or send you a message.

I think quite a few other data entry gigs offer at least 1 revision but this doesn’t. Maybe at least 1 revision, at least on a higher priced package, might help.

Gig: "I will get done data analysis for your projects easily and without stress"

The 2nd image in the gig could maybe show a more complex chart/graph.
Some other gigs show a gig video with different/some quite in-depth charts/graphs that could be provided in the gig.

It says “Here is where you can get your data analysis and report”. The packages don’t mention “report”. By “report” do you mean written text describing the data/findings and what is shown in the charts/graphs or just the graphs. If you include written work in it maybe you could add a .pdf showing an example of what the user could receive.

Maybe adding a gig video could help this gig show the different things could be delivered or various examples based on example source data.

Gig: "I will manage your research projects and papers effortlessly"

I’m still not sure that it’s a good idea to put “I am specialized in Academic research” (just in case saying “academic” could be a problem re: TOS). So I’d be careful of the terms of service with the gig.

For gigs in general:
I don’t know whether showing some screenshots that included English in the document or data examples might help.