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Hey guys, just wondering

Hey guys how’s it going? Can you please have a look at my gigs and tell me how professional they seem to you. Providing tips and help if possible.

Thanks wonderful people,


You have already asked people to evaluate your gigs 3 or 4 times. Please go read the advice and suggestions that people have already given you.

You are now just spamming the forums.

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If you’ve taken on board all of the advice in the other threads, try playing with your gig titles. Yours aren’t bad, but they aren’t out of this world. Alter the wording a little, make them shorter and more precise. See how that works out.

Have to agree with Celtic. Not to be mean. but it’s clearly evident by now that you are just looking for possible sales. If this continues you will get less orders not more due to peoples reaction of you posting it over and over. I would stop while I was ahead if I were you.