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Hey Guys! My Impression is decreasing everyday

I am a graphic designer on fiverr, at first when i created my Gig its was blazing but now my Impressions are decreasing what can i do to solve this problem

I want it to Increase…Need Help on this please

What does impressions actually mean? How many people see your gig? Mine is actually way up but my conversion rate is way down from when I first started last September. Still, I have way more business than ever.

Maybe offer something with a 24 hour turnaround? Buyers find those on the 24 hour page and love them.

Also, I see in some of your reviews that you haven’t delivered on time. I would very seriously change that. It looks bad. Make your stated delivery time work for when you can actually deliver the gig so you’re never late.

Reply to @writerlisaz: Thanks for the advice, i will get my heads up