Hey guys! New seller from Brazil


Hi everyone!

I’m Rafael, a brazilian :brazil: fashion and graphic designer

I recently joined the fiverr community and I’m already so excited about the possibilities that the platform provides to us, not only to sell our work and make some cash, but to interact with creatives all over the world

My first Gig is about logo design and would be great to have some tips to promote and improve it

Hope everyone’s having a great day! :sunglasses:


Hi Rafael :slight_smile:
Welcome for fiverr :wink:


Welcome to Fiverr. I hope you have much success here.


Thanks khale1d :wink:


Thank you Vickie! I appreciate


Welcome mate !! Good luck for your gig :crossed_fingers:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:


Thanks bro :crossed_fingers::muscle:


Welcome mate. Wish you will be gather your success in fiverr.


Thanks Ahmed! I appreciate :crossed_fingers:


Good luck here on fiverr!


Warm Welcome…! Have a nice Earning…! :black_joker: from :pakistan:


Nice meeting you on this platform. Well wishes to you on this platform


welcome mister, and good luck


Welcome to fiverr, Im new to here too .Im a dancer .:blush:


Welcome to fiverr, i am also a new seller, and expert in excel and accounting task


Thank you madebyabby!


Thank and good luck you excelassist!


Thank you Lily and good luck for you


Thank you arc_fresky! I appreciate


Thank you yaaemelia! Wish you the best