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Hey guys will i get banned for this?


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then stop coming on the thread!


is this true haha whered you get this info?


its not exaclty the fiverr algorithm i just teach them how fiverr ranks the search so you gotta do what said to get higher ranked! i can provide this book free to a few people but they will have to improve it somehow and give feedback!


Your right. British bashing can get ugly quite quickly. I am wondering, though, just how @gamematic has come to know so much about the Fiverr search so quickly. In this case, @gamenatic, what do you know that thousands of other Fiverr users don’t?


im not saying im better than yall but beginners who dont know anything will probably find something useful!also im pretty sure even if your a top seller youll find something that will help believe me these tips are gold!


If you promise to explain the Fiverr ranking algorithm, then that’s what you have to deliver, otherwise your buyers won’t be getting what you promised them in the gig description.

@capri2794 cartoonify dot de - it’s a lot of fun! :slightly_smiling_face:


Point taken.
My serious answer is that I agree with offlinehelpers. You might want to tweak the gig description if you don’t want complaints about “I didn’t get exactly what I paid for!” Good luck, dude :wink:


20 characters of Thank you. :smiley:


You’re very welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


May be :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Or May be Not :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I know the secret, how much are people willing to pay for it? Lol


Looks like $5 is the going rate! :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t think so. In the past I had a gig for Fiverr gig titles, Fiverr gig ideas, etc. I gave it up because I didn’t get enough orders.

I have hired artists that make gig images. I love those gigs because Fiverr insists on gig images, and not all of us can design.

Your gig seems to be about advice, probably a pdf you saved up with all your advice. I think you should have packages. Basic for the PDF, standard for personal advice, and premium to write a gig description or something else.


Thank you sir I’m upgrading it now I’ll be adding sample profile description,titles,delivery,messages how to make a gig image and much more :slight_smile:


@gamenatic, check this out:

The rest of the topic is here, if you wish to see it (although only the above sentence is related to your gig): Fiverr Removed My "First Rate Petition Writing Gig"

It looks like this type of service is no longer allowed on Fiverr, you may wish to ask Customer Support for clarification, so you don’t get in trouble.


That’s so strange. Why is the service now disallowed?


I have no idea why it’s no longer allowed. Did they tell you something when they told you it’s forbidden?


No in the email, they told me that gigs that claim to advise users or provide information/tips about how to buy/sell on Fiverr are not permitted.

But since my gig is for writing a petition, I"m confused. I’ve never provided tips on how to buy/sell.

Also the gig has been up for weeks…