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Hey guys!


Hey guys,

I’m writing this thread primarily because I want to get my name out there, and am doing everything in my power to become somewhat successful with fiverr. As of now, I have a total of one sale, and would like that number to grow. I’ve been using fiverr for two months, my gigs both being dedicated to reviews, and also creating websites. I’ve been designing websites for around a year now, learning HTML at the shy age of 12, to CSS later on in life. It’s a great feeling having the ability to write code, and have it display on my screen. Right now, I am learning more advanced languages such as PHP/MySQL.

Anyway, that’s somewhat besides the point to this thread. I would like to write reviews on anything you want, whether it be an app, a book, a holiday, or even a website. My literacy based skills are to a somewhat high standard, and I feel as though I am capable to writing very high classed reviews. I currently have several different gigs, all for their own purpose, and would highly appreciate you to order a gig from me. I will guarantee that you won’t leave my gig unsatisfied. My one, and only order thus far was extremely satisfied with the review, that he is wanting to order from me in the near future. My reviews will be around 50-250 words, and I promise that they will be words which you will be glad you spent your money on.

Please check out my profile, whether or not you’re interested in purchasing a gig off me.



bought one