Hey guys


Got order from someone. he did not contact me to advise what his issue is or has he responded to any other messages I have 1 day 8 hours to finish the order.

I am not able deliver the order as I remotely fix people computers so I need them there to allow me access to there systems am I able to can order is I don’t get a response. I am new to fiver and only just passed level 1 & unsure if he is not responding to my request just to give be bad feedback any suggestions would be brill guys

sorry in advance for any grammar or spelling mistakes.




if you tried to contact the buyer but you didn’t succeed, maybe you can ask for a mutual cancellation and, if they don’t reply, finally contact Customer Support.

It happened to me once: buyer just ordered a Gig without submitting any information, so I asked for a mutual cancellation: then he replied, cancelled the “cancellation request” and submitted the info needed.

Hope you solve your problem in the best possible way, Good luck!


Reply to @giulia_italia: He says “Or has he responded to an other messages”, so I’m assuming that means he has. Best thing I would advise to do is contact customer support or cancel the gig. I wouldn’t let the time over run without contacting support first though.


Reply to @philtabest: Also, I’m not too sure, but I think sometimes cancelling a gig looks bad on your record. So probably best to contact support, they will hopefully be able to advise the best course of action.


Thanks guys

Just sent a ticket to support I’ll leave until tomorrow when has 8 hours remaining on gig before request canceling.