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Hey happy to be here

how can we improve our gigs to get order for freshers


Share your gigs on social platform, send regular buyer request. Hope you will get order.

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Buyer Request is not showing every time. There is a specific time to show buyer requests. The challenge is you have to find it. There is a trick for that.

In the specific time range, you will able to see buyer request on your page. Maybe it’s 9 am – 10 am or 6 pm-7 pm. please try to find that specific time.

Then sends a buyer request at a reasonable price. Don’t go too low prices. As an example, if there any buyer request with 10$, you will be able to go with an 8$ or 7$ offer. Don’t go with 5$ offer. Because too low prices brake the trustworthiness.

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yes, now everytime not showing buyer requests, may be your are right that its depend on time ,but in my country time may be time is change how i know about time.

yes its correct :palms_up_together:t3:

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First you have to decorate your gig decorations and then you have to share them on various social media.

Glad you are happy to be here on fiverr :smiley:

Thank you for your response

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