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Hey hey! I do art stuff :D

I am a teenager that wants some more financial freedom, so I decided to make a fiverr gig to support myself, I am also trying to save up to go to a university outside of my country (some of the money I receive here go straight to my savings for that cause) sooo if you want someone to draw your OC or a character you like, please consider me!

Link to my fivver gig! :

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I have visit your gig and your gig has something extraordinary

haha I wouldn’t call it that but thanks!

Nice! The financial freedom part is very relatable. I would suggest one thing, the work is awesome but you should change the basic description from messy to basic or something like that because messy turns people away :)) I wish you success.

Wow thanks! It would really be better that way haha lemme change that!

Welcome to the fiverr forum. Carry on. :innocent: