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Hey! I am born again!

I just want to thank Fiverr for a platform such as this to showcase my skills. I was here back in 2015 but I took a break for some time. So I am back with full positive force and will be focusing on Graphic Designing, File Conversion, Virtual Assistance and App/Website User testing. I hope I will excel beyond my imagination.


welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much!!

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Thank you very much! I definitely need it.

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welcome. wish you success

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Wecome. Wish your best

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WELCOME BACK BRO !!! i Hope you will enjoy here .

HALLELUJAH!!! …Oh,wait! nvm…:stuck_out_tongue:

welcome back… wish tou all the best

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Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!

I’m not bitter, I was just trying to explain that he was using the middle finger gesture… and assume he may not have realized… it’s easy to mistake for a thumbs up or other positive hand gestures.

I thought I was explaining it in a nice way… sorry if it didn’t come across nicely

LOL, I am a woman actually. But, thanks no offense taken.

I am very excited to see you once again.

I thank you for the great wishes.

hehehe sorry i didn’t notice to your picture :smiley: i

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You are most welcome…:smile::smile::smile::smile:

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Best of luck for your Fiverr Journey :+1::slight_smile:

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Good microscopic eyes lols

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Welcome back, best of luck. Wishing you success.

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OKay well in that case, good looking out.