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Hey, I am here to do my selling job as well as interact with not just buyers but sellers too and make long-term relations with people

Hi people !!

I am Aayush, I just joined Fiverr a month ago and I am really curious to get to know people. I know most of us are here just to earn some money and trying to make it a consistent source of income for them. Of course, I am here for that too, but I prefer to have relations with people on personal levels too and I do love interacting with people on a regular basis, as I believe it is a healthy way to work when you know people who you are working with.

Here is my profile link and I do have a vast past experience regarding all of my gigs. Though I am new seller here, but I have worked in these disciplines a lot before joining Fiverr.

I would like to interact with buyers as well as other other sellers too and let’s make it a fun place to work for all of us with mutual understanding between buyers and sellers.

Hoping to hear from you people too !!