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Hey I am new! any tips?


Can you guys send me some tips in the reply section?? it will be such a pleasure! I really want my gigs to sell…


Hey I am also new to fiverr and trying to get some buyers. So far I have learned from the forum that you should be active on fiverr most of the times. Promote your account or gigs on social media platforms for example linkedIn and twitter. I am also following these tips and hoping to get some clients.

Wishing you good luck! :slight_smile:


promote your gig as many as you can.


Interesting. I think it might help the OP if you tell them the reason behind why you think that might help.


This might help as this is the same answer I received not so long ago. People got buyers from promoting their gigs on social media platforms. I have seen many closed groups on facebook just made for this purpose. I have also downloaded the mobile app as I am a student and not always in front of a laptop.

Also I am a new user and not experienced at all so I shared the best I learned yet. :slight_smile:


First of all ! don’t ask for tips in Welcome section :slight_smile: let’s have a better discussion in other categories <3 welcome to the family


Are you saying you blindly believed what someone said on the forum? If that’s what you did, how do you know if what the person said was helpful or not? You need to think for yourself and do a little more research on the topic before blindly accepting what someone else says.

Generally speaking, being “active on Fiverr most of the times” or spamming social media with your gig links is not going to help. You need to first connect with your target audience (need not necessarily be via social media), market your gigs to them, and convince them to purchase your gigs. What advantage do you have over the thousands of other sellers who are offering the exact same thing you are offering?

Remember: mindlessly spamming links to your gigs in a closed group on Facebook or some other forum is not going to help you much. You need to have genuine interest. I see that you make logos. It might help you if you were on a forum for logo designers and you were taking part in technical discussions about crafting/designing better logos and helping out other forum members who might need your help.


Thank you for your guidance. As you know I am just a newbie and I will surely keep the points you mentioned in my mind.