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Hey, I am new seller in Fiverr

Hi everyone i am new seller. I send 40+ buyer request but don’t get any order yet.
please help me. I have happy to meet you.


Check this out:


How do you define ‘revisions’?

(DES) points 1, 3, and 4, and your while I like what you state in your profile, stating ‘trust me’ often makes people not trust.

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I defile “unlimited revisions”.

I define “unlimited revisions”.

I follow all this tips.

I’ll rephrase: what counts as a revision, and what counts as too much work asked to be redone to be a revision?

I’ll use you ‘website design’ gig as an example: Lets say you just turned in an order and the buyer says it needs to be done completely over from scratch. There’s no salvaging anything from the order you’ve just delivered, you have to start again, brand new.

Does this count as a revision?

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no, I think, revision means, fix some small issues of a full websites.

This, then, is what you need to place in your gig. It’d be easiest to place in a FAQ.

Many people have reported the option of revisions being abused for things that go beyond small issues, but they’ll still have to do them, or cancel the order and forfeit the work they’ve already done, because it was not made clear in the gig what constituted as a ‘revision’.