Hey ! ^_^ ^_^ I can dance to any music style you want in green screen background and change the background you want with my free style dance , check me out here ! ^_^



my dance videos were here , check it , greetings from Lily :slight_smile:

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Great! That looks nice. All the best with sales! :slight_smile:


:grin:Thanks a lot ,all the best for you too


I’m happy to see that you’re doing so well!


Wow!! Amazing and beautiful presentation!


Wow…nice. I like dance :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


:grin::grin:Thanks a lot, good luck for you too !


:grin::grin:Thanks a lot, wish you all the best !


:rofl::rofl:haha, thanks ,maybe one day you need my work ,will be glad to work for you than .


oh dear, I never have seen before my life, you create the outstanding gig, hope u will be the blast in fiverr


Thank you , I hope you make a great gig too ! :微笑: