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Hey! i have a problem on fiverr i dont know what to do


i have problem on fiverr recently i got one client and he give me his task i did well and delivered my good work to him. he was happy from my work but onward i am not receiving any client over there … many of friends told me that 1st client will be very difficult but after you done work for 1st client then you will get a lot of clients and also i learn this in work shop but i am waiting from 6 7 days but no response … so pls help and guide me that how can i get more clients there, i have good experience and skills but i don’t know that how can i implement it on fiverr. because i am new on fiverr.

i create 4 gigs 2 weeks before but when i am searching it in logo or t shirt design categories i am not getting my own gigs there,

please help me and guide me that how can i get more clients.



I wouldn’t put a specific amount of hours into the title. If you can do it faster than the site’s minimum time limit, then make it an extra for a rush order.
As for getting clients, its really slow at first. Go to the buyer request area and send out some offers to people who are looking for work you can do and can attach to one of your gigs. If you have any social media, start posting about it there, and if you can create stuff that gets people interested in what you’re doing there, they might be interested and getting what you’ve got here on fiverr.
There are a LOT of gigs like the ones you’ve made on fiverr, so they aren’t going to show up in a search until you work your way there. If you aren’t getting clients for them after a month or two, try a gig with something else you can do because there is a lot of competition.
Good luck!


Thanks for help…get many points really greatfull to you…Thanks :slight_smile:


I joined Fiverr in 2013, but did nothing with it. I started with gigs in november. First order with 7 days. Now 6 weeks later Done 6 orders and 1 order in queue. I takes time to get orders. No direct results. Be patience, promote your gigs to social media. Improve your quality when you have no orders.


thanks… i also join fiver from last year but just get only one client… i am confused my friends sharing wrong information with me so that’s why i get idea to post here and really get a good response. thanks Davegerrits