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Hey i have got 3rd warning! What should i do now?

My Buyers 3 of them just dispute their orders. And 3 times i got warning. My account is under review. But i have delivered the main content they order for ( Buyers). Am i going to banned?. I have completed 10 orders. And 5 star Reviews from 6 buyers.

All of my gig is denied. At this moment. How can i get recovery. My account Normally back.

So in Review what will fiverr look up?


what was the warning for ?

Empty delivery. But i have provided the Files. I mean the main files that they ordered for.

Yes I didn’t found your any gig from searching and I feel so sorry for that. The empty delivery is considered as you didn’t provided the things related to your gig or may be not matched with your customer demand. As you told, you received 3 consecutive disputes which has enough to proof that you have a non professional attitude or maybe unskilled. I think you should consult with CS and find the way to reactivate your fiverr presence.