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Hey, I made a new Gig and I want to be able to make sure Its at its best it could be so I can get more traffic on my gig

I’ll take any advice your willing to give.
Here is a link to my gig:

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You should probably check out fiverr freelancing essentials course on the fiverr courses page,it’s free and it has a lot of information about setting gig videos, titles , pricing and descriptions.

Welcome to Fiverr.

I did click on the category you listed it under and it shows there are 1,776 service providers just in this category alone. Always check the competition under the category you are posting under.

I think the main image is very important. It appears that everyone posts some unique video editing pictures with their gigs.

If I type in “Edit Your Gaming” into the search bar there are 14,315 services available. That is a lot of competition. Your keywords and main image matter. Make sure your title makes sense and try different variations in the search bar; you can have up to 7 gigs. You can always edit your title and try different keywords, just try to keep it simple and accurate to what you do. Most-of-all, have fun.

Best of luck with your gig.