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Hey! I was just wondering how many cancelled orders do you have?


Can you share How many Cancelled Orders Do you have? (I have 39)

I was just comparing myself to other sellers on fiverr. I had this question lately, WAS I DOING GOOD? :))


as @kjblynx mentioned, the percentage it what will give you the best insight. 39 cancellations sound high to me, but that is because I only have 200 orders sold.

I have a total of 3 cancellations for a little over 200 orders. If you have 1,000 orders, I wouldn’t think 39 cancellations would be high. If you have only 100 orders, I would say you are doing something wrong…

Personally, I think 5% is a good threshold. If your percentage is higher than that, you may want to consider how your gig is set up and if the information is clear in your descriptions and your instructions.

Remember, when you get an order, the buyer has already paid. For someone to give their payment information and then cancel, they must have had the wrong impression of what you are offering.

Good Luck!




Thanks, That was very important.


a lot more than you have


I have 344 :open_mouth:


I have a 14% Cancellation rate. It’s always due to customers who are misunderstood. Just try to make descriptions more clear. It will slowly go down with more good work.


15 cancelled orders, which is a 7% cancellation rate.


I have 0% as im NEW :smiley:


278 completed with 7 canceled.


Does someone know what % it takes to get my levels back? I lost seller level 1 and 2 due to problem that’s now been fixed but the orders I cancelled in the interim are a problem. I’m at 13% cancellation but levels haven’t come back yet.


I have to say that I guess I am a person who gives chances if you are able to sell me a service despite some bad numbers and percentages, because I know how unfair the system can get involving cancellations or stalking buyers. There was this one seller whom I decided to patron that had a 50% cancellation rate… and as that is bad, she was able to do what I requested to the exact detail. So you know — unless they are completely shoddy, at least hear them out. Its all about the sale in my perspective. That and the type of gig it is. Pictures can be quickly retaken. Graphics and things doing with computer generated services are a different story. A badly written gig could take time to fix too. Then you have that problem with shady buyers attempting to take services, pretend to not like them, and canceling out.


I have one cancellation. I’ve sold only twenty two gigs, though. :-?


584, but only a 6% cancellation rate.