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Hey ! I work well and don't charge much, come here if you need web jobs to be done!

Hey !

I’m back with brand new skills to offer you. Now, not only can I design business cards and crop things, but I can also make your website sell more than before, using the right keywords, or by optimizing your SEO.

Anyway here’s a list of my gigs :

Keyword search gig -> or how to sell more just by typing the right words. Keywords are essential for your website.

SEO Analysis and recommendations -> I’ll analyse and give you tips on how to optimize your SEO. SEO is a great deal. If not done properly, it can make good websites sell less, and bad websites sell more. Do you have a good website ? Do you want to sell more ? I’m your guy, go ahead and trust me !

Photoshop simple stuff ( cropping, background-removal… ) -> I’ll complete basic photoshop tasks on 20 pics !

Photoshop Website Designing -> I’ll design a whole landing page of any size for you ! ( and I’m way cheaper than anyone else )

Business Card Designing -> I’ll design great business cards that’ll fit your company’s image !

And finally, HTML/CSS web development, give my a PSD file, and I’ll turn it into a HTML/CSS website :slight_smile:

Alright that’s all for me. I’ve got plenty of free time and I work fast ( that’s what my previous clients said ). If you’re having SEO or keywords issues, I’m probably the man you need. If you need business cards or basic or complex photoshop tasks, I’m also the guy you need. Just ask me :slight_smile:

See you soon !