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Hey, I'm a new seller at translation

Hi there I’m new to fiverr. Could anyone help me look at my gig? pls tell me if u have any comments.


welcome to fiverr family :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

thanks :slight_smile:

Any comments about my gig? :grin:

welcome to professional platform :heart_eyes:

thank you very much! :laughing:

For this, you need to find correct keyword fast for the title and the body and good overviews your gigs body

I urge you to remove your official translator accreditation photo in your gig reel. You might have no idea yet, but Fiverr is full of people desperate to make a profit.

And that stands for copycats, that will remorselessly use your image to obtain credibility for their own gig. That probably is a mere Google Translate service.

I also am in the translation business, I never had to provide any proof of my abilities. If you are truly talented, people will come to you naturally. Just mention that you are accredited → professional buyers will pay attention to this point.

Good luck !


Thank you so much! This is so valuable and important for me. Thanks again.:slight_smile:

Yikes, take down your documents. Those will get stolen so fast by copycats…

Welcome to Fiverr Forum, all the best.