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Hey! i'm here new can you give me a best suggestion for getting first order

Here is my GiG My GIG

Please type in “How do I get my first order” and you’ll see many posts.

Please search your question before asking.

My suggestion for getting a first order is to proofread your gig. It’s full of errors.


how can remove erro from gig?

Yeah I am going to piggy back off of @humanissocial. I would proofread your gig maybe download grammarly to help with that.

Also a gig video may help and attractive photos can help as well. I know it is data entry but you can spice the photos up a bit.

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Look it up, please. It’s all common knowledge.

well thankyou so much i will upgrade my gig

The poster is also including client information in one of the photos. That’s really unethical and unprofessional and also not engaging. People don’t want to work someone who doesn’t respect confidentiality.

All this proves is that you can type words in a spreadsheet, anyway.

i’m new i don’t know about that thing, thankyou much. :heart_eyes:

Confidentiality isn’t a Fiverr-specific issue.

You have no business dealing with people’s contact information if you don’t understand confidentiality.

you’r absoulty right i don’t any idea how to dealing with client and how to make a professional gig.

This is why Fiverr has such a bad reputation.

Many people make gigs despite not even having basic ethics or a basic understanding of their business.

you’re right well i wish i will improve my gig and learn more

It’s not about your gig. It’s about understanding the basics of your business.

This is like me becoming a heart surgeon despite not knowing anything about heart surgery. It’s not okay.

How troubling that you do data entry but don’t even know a thing about confidentiality. Yikes.

so how can i understand basic?

It’s simple: research. That’s your responsibility, not mine. Also, think critically. Why on earth would a client be okay with you posting their information publicly? Think about it.

Are you telling me you don’t even know how to improve your skills?

Don’t make gigs and then figure out how to do them. Figure out how to do them and THEN create them. My goodness.


well thankyou for motivate me :slight_smile: