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Hey! i'm new here i join fiverr 2 days ago and make 3 orders


i’m new join on fiverr about 2 days ago and recently made 3 orders from my cousin Profiles (fake Order) .
you can check my profile i do Photoshop Work just created 1 gig in those days.
now want to know how i drive 5k real traffic on my gig in 2 days and get more real orders. i usually check my buyer request daily but nothing found here.
if you have any idea about get gig trafficand finding buyers , please reply me, i also tries Twitter method from youtube tutorials.

Account Suddenly disable

there are many available gigs in fiverr that helps you with traffic.

browse them


Seller’s name Imon
Buyer’s name Imon



WoW! And both are from Bangladesh as well.
@imon13bworkshop, Fake reviews are against the ToS.


so how i find real buyers? from forum? i promote my gig links on twitter bt get not response . i create a blog post for my Fiverr gigs,
i’m tried . then i create a new account and post e review from my cousin .


Hello I have joined But there is no order I have got yet. I am potential but no way. Can you please suggest me to get more order. What should I do now? I am frustrated.


First, you need to contact Customer Support and tell them the truth since you already admitted here and it’s been noted. If you weren’t aware that you couldn’t leave yourself reviews from your cousins account, maybe CS will remove them.

Buyers may notice the fakes and run. After you get the fakes off, use Buyer Requests or some other legit means to get reviews.


Thanks for advise i will contact with customer support.

and i have only one gig and there are no buyer request for me daily i check for buyer request and i see zero . :frowning:


Hello bro @hossain_web746,
How many days you have been working here ? What is your service ?


My service is Website design and development. Basically website design customize etc.