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Hey im new here

hey im new here and want to earn as im facing some financial difficulties.


you welcome to the Fiverr Forum
best wishes.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the forum.

I originally wrote this reply to your comment on another thread, but moved it here as I can see you’ve opened a dedicated thread.

I had a look at your profile…

  • Your gigs have titles like “I will graphic designing and photography in my passion” and “I will unique styles of editing” - These don’t mean anything. Even if English isn’t your main language, it probably will be for your buyers… I couldn’t actually work out what it is that you’re offering, even after going into your gigs… Is it photography? Is it editing? If so, what kind of editing? People can edit photos on their phones these days, so why would they come to you? What can you do that’s special? Your gig doesn’t answer any of these questions

  • Your main gig’s description is “providing best and high qualities for my customers in less time with less money. I have worked with many companies by which i have my punctuality on point. Setisfying my customer is what i aim n work for.” - Again, this doesn’t mean anything, and that’s your entire description for a gig. What’s the gig about? What can you do? If I can’t even work out what the purpose of your gig is, how am I going to evaluate you versus your competition?

  • On your logo gig, your entire description is plagiarised. You’ve just copied/pasted it from another seller. That’s shameful stuff, you’re stealing someone else’s work. Buyers aren’t stupid, and if I see that you’ve stolen a description, I’m going to assume that the rest of your content isn’t yours either.

  • On your logo gig, your first image still has the ‘designed by Freepik’ watermark on it. So you got it off a website… why would I pay you for it? The rest of your images are also all clearly taken from a free logo generator website, in bulk. And you’re charging $90 for your basic package??? Are you serious!?

I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, and I don’t like calling individuals out, but you seem to be here because you think Fiverr is just a case of slapping a few gigs together with no real thought behind them and people will just line up to throw money at you. That’s not the case. Fiverr is insanely hard work, especially in the beginning, ideally at something you’re genuinely good at and genuinely passionate about. Your profile looks like you spent about 10 minutes throwing something together because someone’s told you that’s all you need to do to make money on Fiverr. You’re not taking this seriously, and if your profile is anything to go by, I think if a buyer did buy from you right now, they’d have a bad experience, because I don’t believe you can do what you say you can do.

Sellers who behave like this damage the Fiverr brand and make things harder for the rest of us.


Welcome Hope you will earn money here. Let me know your skills

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Welcome to fiverr forum…

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WELLCOME…I also New bdy

That is pathetic. Yikes.

I just saw she used another person’s thread to ask a question. Definitely not someone I would do business with.


Hi there @raviha14 . Welcome to Fiverr and the Forum. Glad you’ve joined us. Oh you will get help out in the community

We have an Raviha in the house. :smile:

Good luck with your journey!!
Warmly, thedoonkart

Welcome to our excellent market place community.

Hey! What’s up? Welcome.

Welcome to the FIverr :money_mouth_face:

Welcome to the fiverr forum…Best of luck…

I’m also new here on fiverr and waiting for my first order, Would you like to visit my gigs and suggest and guide me how to improve them.
waiting for your kind advice.

I’m also new here on fiverr and waiting for my first order, Would you like to visit my gigs and suggest and guide me how to improve them.
waiting for your kind advice