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Hey, I'm new to Fiverr (and getting some weird first message from "Buyers")

Hi Fiverr family!

I just discovered this forum and wanted to introduce myself. I’m super excited to be here! I created two illustrations / lettering gigs last week and am excited to see what will come of my account. Although I haven’t had any orders yet I’m staying positive, as I’m using this to supplement my “side hustle.”

I have had a few odd messages to my account, though which is a little frustrating. I’ve had 2 different buyers ask to use my personal info (name, address, etc) to create fake Upwork accounts and another who wanted to hire me to “stuff envelopes”? It’s a little bit a of a bummer to get excited over a possible buyer message only to see spam. I’m also not sure how to report these as intrusive or spammy on my account. Does anyone else get these messages? I respectfully decline these requests but am not sure if there’s something more I should be doing.

Thanks in advance for any tips, can’t wait to be a part of this community!

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that’s DEFINITELY out Fiverr’s rules. take screenshots of the conversations and report it to Fiverr. Their accounts will get banned. I’ve had a buyer, more like a request specifying to inbox them on the request which isn’t allowed by Fiverr cause you’re personally advertising to them. They requested this for several days so I took all screenshots and submitted to Fiverr. Boom!

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