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Hey kids! The random, temporary forum block is back!

I dig that the forum is not that important in the realm of Fiverr, but &^$#!, being blocked in the middle of commenting is just plain annoying!

This is part bug report, part rant. :slight_smile:

The worst is when you start a new topic and it happens! At least some of my replies are saved in draft up to a point before I get blocked for my horrid behavior. I don’t think new discussions are preserved. I’m pretty sure the block message means you are writing something SO brilliant that it cannot be posted without making others fall to their knees in awe. 8->

fonthaunt said: I'm pretty sure the block message means you are writing something SO brilliant that it cannot be posted without making others fall to their knees in awe.
That's it! It all makes perfect sense now!

I just may start logging what I'm typing when the box shows up. It could make for an interesting project. Today's trigger-not-trigger was "cotton socks". :D

Reply to @itsyourthing: I got blocked today too. The sentence was “You have to have something that costs $5.” I gave up and just didn’t answer that person. Cotton socks are illegal on Mars, which is why that one got blocked.

I have a draft saved for a post. Every time I try to submit it shows me a spam page.

Can you tell me anything that happens as you’re commenting, I’ll look into it for you.

Reply to @ozzieuk: Ozzie, for me it truly does appear to be completely random. I thought maybe it was ‘typical’ trigger words, but it sometimes happens before I’ve even started typing. I suspect it’s a code issue.

It’s the standard giant pop-up with ‘you are blocked it could be ***,*or contact support’ message. It goes away as soon as I navigate to another page and usually I can post & comment normally after. Hard refreshing doesn’t fix it, just leaving and coming back. I don’t recall having to sign out. Sometimes the draft remains, sometimes it doesn’t.

Reply to @ozzieuk: Check this.

There is also this problem when we post links, it changes the output to spam like text/images. Like trying to get us banned or something.

I haven’t run into the issue Kay has, just the one itsyourthing describes. I’ll be typing a post on PC Firefox or mobile Chrome and a “blocked” pop up appears randomly. I think it says something about permissions. I’ll try to get a screen shot but I haven’t been able to re-create the issue on purpose.

Reply to @kay2809: OK I see the problem, your post is being wrongly marked as spam, I’ll send this up to someone to look at. Cheers!

I… uhh. I am not a kid :frowning: I am gonna be 18 :smiley:

And yes, the forum sucks like hell.

Reply to @aakarsh1997: Post removed. Did you get a warning or something ?

Concerning this bug, I encountered one recently - it seems it popped up when I used too many quotation marks… “comment” “like” “this” “may” “be” “blocked” “but” “it’s” “strange” “this” “wasn’t” “blocked…”

It really does seem to be pretty random. CS asked me to send a screen cap, but of course, it hasn’t happened to me since then.

Reply to @willpower_hk: I thought I saw the issue come up more often when I used quotes repeatedly, but I wasn’t positive so I didn’t say anything. Since you mentioned it, I’m confirming! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it on posts without quotes too, but I think you are onto something in general.

It’s been happening to me for months. Months, I tell you.