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Hey masters, Please! invite me to join a your project!? or share your client

I find it difficult to promote my store, can these masters help me to promote me to your clients. it was more effective and really helped me in the world of Fiverr.
I am very happy if invited or introduced to clients masters who have made more profits in this Fiverr.

I hope the Fiverr master will share the client with me. :blush:



Why would we want to promote your services instead of ours and why would we want to give you our clients?

(Not even taking into account that clients come to us because of our reputation and our style and you might have something absolutely different)

Anyways, coming back to my original point: what would be our benefit?


For sure you will add new partners, and will later be able to help each other, in many ways and experiences, because togetherness is very pleasant, right?

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I still don’t see benifit fo myself. (Or any other experienced person) what is the benefit of adding “partners”?

All you are offering basically: give me your clients, give me part of your profit, spend your time of guiding and communicating with me and in return you will get the feeling of “pleasure” that you helped someone

And aside from all that: fiverr platform doesn’t support “sharing” clients option.


In real business, especially in marketing, isn’t the channel / customer info important? what is wrong with sharing your services. it is very helpful for new people here. :blush:

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A problem would be that the terms of service say any info received is just for delivery of the order. Sharing clients may be against the TOS unless it was for the order being delivered or was agreed beforehand by the client. Also, a seller can only contact a buyer if the buyer has contacted them first I think, unless the buyer is also a seller. Though the buyers who leave reviews are shown publicly.

The terms of service says:

You may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information. Any exchange of personal information required for the completion of a service must be provided in the order page. Sellers further confirm that whatever information they receive from the Buyer, which is not public domain, shall not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than for the delivery of the work to the Buyer.


You are still not saying what will be benifit for me.

  • Customer info? Don’t even know what do you mean by that but Of course it’s important. And client shared it only with me not with another seller and that falls under personal information protection.
    Edit: @uk1000 you added it just a few seconds before me :see_no_evil:

  • marketing? Of course it’s important. And if I spent my effort, my time and my money why again I should share it with someone who didn’t even move a finger to make it done?

You are talking only about benefits for yourself. Not for the person on other side.


Doesn’t life in that world have to help each other? enjoyment? helping others is very meaningful in my life as a human being.

For yourself, you can complete your other work that cannot be handled by you, another advantage for you, you can maintain a time commitment with your clients. :yum:

  1. It would likely be against the terms of service if the customer was shared
  2. If the customer left a review you’d know the customer username anyway
  3. You wouldn’t be allowed to or able to contact the customer without them first contacting you (unless they were also a seller, but still you wouldn’t be allowed to contact them first unless it was about their services if they were a seller).

One allowable thing might be if the other seller thought that customer might need your services (and knew your services were good for the customer), then they could, if they wanted, recommend your gig. As long as that wasn’t spamming (eg. if your services were for a service the buyer had said they wanted).


@bshdstore Ok then with your logic you should be happy also take the work for free from more experienced people. Spend your time on doing that job and all that for free. (And by the way you wouldn’t get any reviews, because customer came to me not to you). And you’ll do it just Because it will bring you enjoyment to help more experienced people not be so busy and give them some extra minutes of rest.

@mhamayoun that would never happen. I respect my clients and would never betray their trust.


If the policy is contradictory, it means that you have to promote yourself to the progress of my shop personally.

Thank you very much, dude! :sunglasses:

It’s up to you to find your buyers, not be given them by other sellers.

What next - BMW paying for TV adverts to promote Mercedes? That’s not going to happen either.

Do what you can do to promote your business, and leave other sellers to do the same.

@mhamayoun - sellers don’t share customers! Asking such a thing is inappropriate.


I will listen to this :hugs:

why! You are not happy to this?

OK, I will apologise you and @bshdstore And I don’t ask about this

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For information, of course it is not free, customer information is usually a percentage of profit and that is an agreement with the deal or no deal.

life needs to be shared, because sharing is more beautiful. if you often share with other people do not worry about your income is reduced, instead your income will increase.

Quotes: A good will be rewarded with a good good, and vice versa with evil. If you commit a crime, you will certainly be rewarded with a fair crime. :blush:

I suggest to read fiver TOS because what you are trying to do is not allow here and you can get in trouble.


Your hope is not Fiverr. It doesn’t work this way and in general the assumption that here must be someone that can or should find clients for a complete stranger, educate and guide him and on top of this troubleshoot his business, is something wrong before being hopeless.


Why would someone do it? We all need to pay for our food and comfort. All you are asking “give me money but you wouldn’t get anything back. But you will feel that the world became more beautiful”

But just FYI: if you don’t want to do the work for free and to make the world more beautiful don’t ask other people to spend their time and money on you for free.

Ok I will stop this polemic because I see that you still don’t get my logic and all this discussion is for nothing because what you are offering is against fiverr rules and your account can be banned for that.