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Hey need tech support then maybe try me out!


Hello my name is Wayne Fisher if you would like to help a new comer out well here I am haha. In all seriousness I have been working on computers since I was 10 years old. I enjoy helping others out with issues considering I have had a good amount myself. I even at the age of 13 or so watched youtube videos and built my own custom computer how cool huh. I know probably not impressive to most but for me it was amazing and still is. So if you ever need Tech Support from an individual like me who has more time on his hands then needed. Then I would be glad to help you out and if you do choose me thank you :slight_smile:


So, how old are you now?


17 Sorry for late response was fishing


interesting how your age changes in your edits. Couldn’t remember?


Yeah typed wrong age. I have been up all night and day it is 9pm here. So it is getting late again I need some sleep.


Age aside, let me give you a small test so that you may know what you are getting your self into. Imagine this is an order… payment 230$… I have a pc the issue is that when I connect my monitor it makes a beep sound and begins to flash and says not connected to pc. Where could the problem be?


It depends on the beeping and the pattern. Correct me if I am wrong.


the beep has a 2 second delay. Beep…2 seconds…Beep…2 seconds…Beep… What could be the problem?


Means it’s one of your memorys. So if they got 2 sticks they take one out and restart computer and if it occurs again then they shut off. Then switch the memory and put the one they took out in and the one they had in out.


Nope… Already checked the ram and rom, all are working perfectly. It ain’t a memory issue. Also I updated my drivers. Cleaned my motherboard and no devices are connected to it.


I’ve personally have a memory issue now kinda. It doesn’t seem to happen right now as often but here and there I will get a blue screen with an error and then my computer shuts off or stays there. But I know it is a memory issue with my computer. Because I tried to overclock my cpu which can be overclocked. But I accidently was testing different things not knowing what I was doing and I think I like shocked my memory or what I believe I did idk if it did but I know that is the problem. I know this is different scenario just wanted to tell you.


Hmm is it the ram ic? Yeah idk what the problem is not gonna lie.


Did you try different ram slots and it seems it also could be your power supply or graphics card. What is your motherboard? You can usually go look up your motherboard manual and it tells you what the beep error code is.


You haven’t asked about the cables yet. So in the end I noticed the problem was with my monitor. When you offer pc assistance make sure to cover all the grounds. Cable, monitor, keyboard etc. When the parts are failing ask the buyer to try and replace specific parts and see if that will help…


Oh ok yeah thanks for the advice see I’ve never experienced that problem before. I have ran into a lot but not that. Also if I could not figure it out in the time they could give me I personally would give the money back. I also say in the requirements to have skype or I could give them my number and I ask them to have teamviewer. So I mostly would fix issue with on the computer not problems with parts but I would try to help. If I was to fail then yeah I’d give them the money back.


Also what if they did not have second parts like 2 rams only 1 or they only had some of them or none. Then yeah personally I would give them the money back and would advice to go in person to a Store that fixs computers. Because we can’t do everything over the phone. Get what I am saying. Just look at Microsoft try calling them they do only basic issues. I at least could remove a virus I doubt they could figure out there was one on there no offense to them. But I have called them before and man they are bad.


Giving out you skype or phone number is against TOS. Basically communicating outside fiverr. That was just a prep of what you might encounter.