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Hey, new guy here

I’m Dylan and recently joined Fiverr. I’ve been looking for a website where I can use my translation and writing skills, and after days of searching the Internet I finally found this place. It looks like a really nice community here! Glad to meet you all :slight_smile:


sup new guy dylan! It can take some months to get your business up and running, but there’s plenty of opportunity here. The most important (IMO) is over-delivering on your earliest orders, because those reviews are more important than the money you’ll earn in the short term. Be sure to keep your eye on the forums, there’s lots to learn here, and even some entertainment :stuck_out_tongue:


welcome :bangladesh: :heart:


Sounds good - thanks for the tips, I really appreciate it! Looks like a big pond here so I guess we gotta make it work out somehow right… haha yes I’ll definitely make sure to keep eye on the forums :wink:

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The pond seems larger than it is. There are many low quality, low effort gigs out there. Secure yourself a few jobs via buyer request (check them frequently, they’re uploaded on an irregular schedule) and deliver your best work early on to really stand out. Your positive reviews will speak for themselves when potential clients are browsing through Fiverr and looking for a seller. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Best wishes to you :slight_smile:


Yes, there are lots of tips and tricks involved in succeeding with Fiverr.

The quickest thing I can say to get your start is to make more gigs, and some of them should be advertising to specific niches. What type of documents are you used to translating… if there are a few different categories of translation services you offer(or what type of translations do you enjoy doing most), then you can make a gig for each.

Ok, that’s all for now :smiley:

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Got it. That’s totally true about the irregular buyer requests, mine come and go quickly. I’ve been looking around and I’ll admit, it is a bit intimidating when you see all these professional-looking gigs and people who are making bank off this site. But hey - it’s worth a shot anyways! Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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I’ll make sure to get on it then. My first gig so far is just a basic translation service for up to five languages but I’ll make some edits and other gigs to really apply to the niches like you said. Thanks again!

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Welcome to our pond!


I hate to be a stick in the mud, but it is against the Forum rules to mention countries in posts. :wink: Please edit the country name out of your post.

Welcome Have a great day

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Thank you! :slight_smile: Sorry, I’ll remove it.

:rofl: You did it again!

Ok fixed it finally. Better be safe than sorry, thanks for looking out for me there :rofl:

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Hey! Im topromin here just stopping by to say hi and would love to give a quick shoutout to anyone whose passionate about health, lifestyle, beauty, fitness! We out here!

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Welcome to fiverr, much success to you

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Don’t worry, @gigas869. You didn’t really break any rules, though I think it’s fine that you edited and it’s nice of Vickie to try to watch out for you! The actual rule applies to saying things that are negative, offensive or otherwise cause problems. Here is the important part:

"Posts that have content or links that put individual regions or sellers from specific regions in a negative light may be pulled for review, edited or removed. Be careful if making any post that may make users uncomfortable due the mention of specific cities/states/provinces/countries/continents/regions or ethnic groups. "

I don’t think you did that by just mentioning location, but it’s good to be aware of the rules! :slight_smile:


:heart: Welcome to Fiverr, please don’t give up, because to be honest, the first month is going to be hard for you to get orders.

Please stick to the marketplace, this will bring you much opportunities here.

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I wish you the best in your endeavor of making the world more beautiful :wink:

Ah I see. I’ll remember that for next time. Thanks for the clarification :wink: