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Hey new seller here! Any tips?

Hi guys! I’m Zoe, and just started working on Fiverr yesterday. I mostly work with writing essays and advice giving so to any experienced people out there in these areas, any advice? Haha, thanks!


Promote your gigs…

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some tips for you . Hope it will help


It is against Fiverr TOS to provide contact details outside Fiverr so you need to remove your email address from your profile immediately.

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How do I do this? I can’t figure out how to edit my profile.

Click on your username and it will come up.

Welcome, Zoe.
Read Academy and Tips for sellers. :smile: :sunny:

Welcome to the club, Read Fiverr Academy and after that here are some useful links to read.

I am about to 1 year at fiverr but i am failed getting 1rst order.
There is no buyers request on my interface.
Please suggest me some thing…

And you think digging up a three-year-old post to ask for help is a great idea? This forum topic is long dead. If you want help, please start a new topic.

Don’t underestimate the “Buyer requests” sections. Send as many as you can and be pretty detailed in terms of what you will do.

Make your portfolio as detailed as possible. Quote low so they’ll pick you out (but not just $5, start at $10), ace the jobs, get good reviews then you’ll earn the bigger jobs.