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Hey, newbie here. I think I'm doing OK, but would obviously like to do better! Penny for your thoughts?

Hey hey hey hey

So I quit my bar job, on a whim, about 6 weeks ago and have been taking every opportunity possible to make money freelancing. A friend suggested I sell my voice talents through fiverr, which until then I’d not heard of.

I noticed there was quite a lot of singers on here, but not that many targeting rock music, hence my first gigs being rock related.

I spent a bit of time messing around with a silly video and a badly animated (but effective) logo, and recorded some sample singing.

Since I joined, about three weeks ago, I’ve completed 4 orders and have 2 more in progress, and made $155 with another $85 upon completion of current orders. Four of these are through trawling the buyer requests section several times a day, and two are organic.

I’d like to know what people think of my gig (video, description, rates (if you know the field)) and if anyone has any suggestions of how to change it, or make better use of it

I also plan on making a few more gigs next week, including voice over, character voices and a more ‘pop’ oriented singing gig. Any other suggestions are also welcome.

Mahh profile >>>

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