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Hey newbie here

Hello guys i just wanted to say hi. :smile:
How are you? Are you okay in this hard times?
I’m on fiverr i think around 2 weeks, still i didn’t sell any gigs, but thats my problem, i don’t wanna be boring with that, there are bigger problems right now. I will get my first eventually i guess.
Just wanted to say hi and wish you all luck.


Welcome to fiverr forum.
As you new.
So follow 3 step

  1. Try to active more
  2. Send buyer offer daily.
  3. Research your compititor gig.

same problem going on with me but stay positive and stay online as much as you can.

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Try to improve your gig and focus on trend niches


welcome @imaginativeboy9 to fiverr hope you may get your first order very soon!

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