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Hey! Newbie on the translating circle


So… I just created a Fiverr account and I have started to sell. No one has bought anything yet but hopefully when I add a video and promote my gigs more they will. Anyway, I do translation gigs, but there are already many people here in Fiverr that offer that service. Is it an obstacle to getting buyers as a newbie? To be honest I feel a bit intimidated by the number of people that offer the service. Do you guys have any tips on how to stand out as a new seller?


Hey there, fellow translator here! For any wordsmithing service think it’s important to have an appealing gig description describing what you can do for clients rather than just talking about the specificities of what will happen after they order. Talk about your qualifications, your interest and passion in translation and languages, etc.

I’ve noticed you have a few grammatical mistakes in your profile and gig, so it’s best if you proofread them again. If you’re doing Spanish to English, then it’s important to showcase really good English in your gig description.

Also, just curious: why aren’t you offering English to Spanish? If you’ve a native Spanish speaker, seems like it would give you a leg up in terms of competition!


Hello, and first of all, thanks for your help!

I didn’t notice that I had some grammatical mistakes, I will make sure to re-read everything to make sure it is correct. You are right, if I had any mistakes on my account it would make clients go away.

Huh, I think it didn’t come to mind when I first wrote the gig, but it’s all done now, I have uploaded a new gig in Spanish and have updated the description of both gigs, thanks for your advice!