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Hey now, hey now don't dream it's over

It’s my sixth or seventh day here on Fiverr. Within these days, I have seen several sellers (mostly or perhaps all from the Indian subcontinent) complaining about they are not getting any orders here on Fiverr.

Many of these sellers have graduated in engineering and some other fields. Some buyers and fellow sellers may find that they are faking it, but “no”, the unemployment rate in the ***** is very high (especially in *** *** ***). In India, we have major IT companies like Wipro, Infosys and several others, hence the engineers have a better chance for getting a job. Although, the overall unemployment rate here in India is higher than the 3 countries mentioned.

See, we know that you are desperate for work here, but Fiverr is a freelance website, it doesn’t guarantee you that you will get a job. Many of you must have heard about Fiverr through some relative or friend, and as you know, many people love to exaggerate things and they must have told you things like “You will get rich within a month if you work on Fiverr”, or “Xyz is making 9k a month working on Fiverr”. It is true that some sellers are making that much, but it takes a lot more than you are thinking of.

After reading posts like this one, many new sellers leave Fiverr or freelancing altogether, and never show up again. Freelancing is basically supposed to be a part-time job. Yes, there are responsibilities that come with it, like logging-in daily, replying on time, delivering before the deadline, but it should become a full-time job only when it pays you much more than a regular job and you are already bombarded with the projects all the time.

Some retired people start freelancing part-time, get very popular and make more money than they did with their full-time job.

PS: I do not intend to insult any country or it’s nationals here. I am from *** myself, and I know that after spending so much time and money on education, certain people get desperate when they don’t have anything to put it into, you need not be so, you must be patient and focus more on your skills and creativity rather than waiting for orders. Be persistent, patient and creative, the money will follow. The Rome wasn’t built in a day, building a reputed and popular Fiverr account is nothing less than building a little Rome nowadays.

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Great write up that inspires we new seller, I am not gonna quit no matter what

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Thanks friend, your comment re-inspired me as well.

If you only focus on money, you won’t succeed.

That’s what my post says, be creative, persistent and skilled, the money will follow.

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You would love the Miami Vice version if you are from Florida.