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Hey people! 17yrs. old newbie here

I am from India and am currently completing my high school. I have absolutely no experience in freelancing but have always appreciated it as a job.
I have always been good at writing, grammar, spellings and all that stuff and all my friends depend on me for reviewing their assignments. I also have a keen interest in researching on any particular topics which can include randomly anything like Romans, Antimatter or World War II(excessive indulgence in Call Of Duty has led me here). As can be interpreted I am a total gamer.
I also love reading novels, books on history, and anything which is interesting enough.
Hoping to know more people and earn some cash while at it.


If you want to be a freelancer, then you have to learn some skills. you can go to and can check fiverr has many categories and sub categories. there are many peoples providing many services. look at their service and decide what you can. also, search on youtube for fiverr tutorials.


Thanks for the advice sir. Will sure start seeing to it.
I know my profile looks a little incomplete but i will do something about it.
I would be grateful if you have any advice on editing my gigs.

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I, too, am a proofreader. I taught English for over 30 years and then retired, and now I work on Fiverr as a freelancer.

In my opinion, what you offer is too little for the price you are asking. :thinking:


welcome to fiverr forum. wish you good luck


Any pointers on what I can do, like i already offered spellings, grammar, layout, feedback, comments and 1 revision.
Should I reduce the number of packages, because $5 was the least.


Thanks :innocent:
Hope you have a nice day

Just out of curiosity, how do you plan on getting paid for freelancing on Fiverr, given that the terms of service of PayPal and Payoneer require you to be over 18 to make use of their services?

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I have a sweet elder brother.:grinning:

Welcome and nice to see onboard. Best wishes on your Fiverr’s journey :smiley::+1:t3:

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Keep in mind that your sweet elder brother won’t be able to work on Fiverr, then.


Hello and welcome! I am also new and have a lot to learn about how Fiverr works!

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He is the kind that isn’t quite interested in the idea of working.:sweat_smile:

Hope we accomplish something here.:money_mouth_face:

Hope the journey is not quite perilous.:grin:


You can definitely monetize your proofreading and editing skills but to become competitive you’ll need to invest in some online courses to cultivate more skills, offer more gigs and ultimately get increased sales.

Happy journey.


Great way to start, open fiverr account and youre all set

@ogombekevin and @jodiannmontaque, it is best not to reply to posts that are one year old. It causes notices to be sent to everyone in the thread that the thread is active again.

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Welcome to fiverr forum :boom:

Open Fiverr account and make some gig with proper tittle and also create some eye-catching gig image that can grab customer s eye in a very first impression.
Good luck.