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Hey Seller, what's the endgame here? Finished product, no submit

TLDR: Seller is poor at communication. Logo was great, social media kit was terrible. Sent back the SMK for revisions, but Seller has gone silent citing they no longer wish to work with me despite the fact that everything is technically finished.

I generally use Fiverr as a click it and forget it deal. Meaning I don’t want to hound sellers and come across as “needy”, but this recent experience has been T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E.

This is not to imply that I just let it sit through the end, but I do look for progress updates on graphical works. This time around, progress updates were out the window and trust has completely eroded.

The seller had 4 day turn around time, 5 revisions, and a social media kit. Awesome deal. My thoughts: everything will be done in 4 days.

So, I open the conversation with a simple message explaining my vision for the logo and specifications:

  • Use my initials in a monogram to design an industry relevant logo
  • 4 Hex Code colors, fewer may be used in the logo (however, if any fewer were in the logo then I requested the extras to use on my website)
  • Clarified whether the source is Vector or PSD
  • Asked for more info on the Seller’s “social media kit”

The Seller confirmed that they could meet the specs and said to place the order so they could begin work.

I placed an order for the following:

  • 3D Mockup
  • Logo Transparency
  • High Resolution
  • Source File
  • Vector File
  • Social Media Kit
  • Stationary Designs
  • 2 Logos
  • 5 Revisions

A couple days passed and I didn’t receive any responses or rough drafts.

Day 3 I made my move and asked for an update. On day 4 the seller replied with 1 logo (I’d paid for 2) and no social media kit. It wasn’t simply a concept. This was a finished product: colored and ready to print.

It was great.

I replied and asked for the second. If I paid for two, I might as well receive both … and who knows, maybe the second would be better. The next day I received the second logo. Still no social media kit.

I responded asking to proceed with the social media kit using the first logo.

Now, up until this point the Seller has been using their “5 revisions” in an effort to screen 2 logos with me and not submit the finished product. I can see why the gig has so many revisions now - each seller is different, which while I don’t see this as a good method of revising drafts it is their gig not mine.

After 4 days, I reached out again asking for a status update on the order, and on the 5th day they submit the social media kit.

Wow. I was speechless.

Up until this point the Seller’s designs had been phenomenal. Even in their portfolio and reviews. Everything is amazing.

The social media kit was dismal:

  • Grammatical errors like having a period on a bullet point list
  • Spelling errors by not spelling “and” spelt correctly (Reminder: This is a bullet point list)
  • Layout errors by having black text sitting on top of a dark grey box
  • Splashes of color and shapes everywhere

I looked at the social media kit for a bit and prior to responding had some friends review it because perhaps I was being too cynical of the image. Turns out that the general consensus was that it was rushed and tacky.

Needless to say this was a serious blowback to me. It looked like a rush job. The design elements made no sense what so ever.

So I took it as an opportunity to use my remaining revisions to research social media banner design, sketched out some better designs, and resubmit requesting revision and the hex codes as previously discussed.

The Seller replied saying that were disappointed and confused that I didn’t like the designs, but they said they would revise as a matter of good customer service using the designs I submit. The seller asked additional clarifying details, which I submit that day.

After a day, the seller hadn’t acknowledged the clarifying details I asked for a confirmation of receipt. 2 days later the seller hadn’t acknowledged the clarifying details so I opened a dispute.

Approaching the deadline for the dispute, the seller did not respond. At this point: enter full blown panic mode…

What happened to the seller?
They’re completely unresponsive.
I withdraw the dispute to avoid cancelling the order

Five minutes later I received a notification on my phone.

“Seller updated your order.”

I’m excited. The seller must have pulled through after all. I tap through to review the order and see that the Seller has now opened a dispute: “The buyer was not satisfied with their delivery” with the word “REFUND” in the body.

Whoa, wait, what? I never said I was not satisfied with the delivery and there were still 2 revisions left.

I responded by declining the cancellation request and asking the seller “to submit the content as is to receive full payment. Remember to include the vector file, psd, and original social media kit as originally declined.”

This in my mind is perfectly fair. Realistically all I cared about were the logo. That part of the design was fine. I proceeded to open a case with support.

The Seller finally responded:

  • The seller cites that they cannot be held accountable to any instruction provided via Fiverr’s messaging system
  • The social media banner was provided based on the feedback provided, or lack thereof

And you know what? The Seller is technically right on both accounts.
-All communication was done through the Fiverr messaging system, but technically the hex code issue was not discussed in the Fiverr Order with the only reference being “as previously discussed,” which was reconfirmed by the Seller in the follow-up message
-The social media banner was provided with no guidance initially, which going on technicality alone the only relevant issue to the gig is that it had typographical errors

Which if it’s a case of “the work is provided as is because of a lack of clarity in the initial order” I’m fine with that, but that’s not the case. The seller did not say that, they said they would amend based on my designs following the request for revision.

What I’m not fine with though is that the Seller is now holding the project ransom because they don’t want “future miscommunication,” which I’ve been quite clear at this point:

“All misunderstandings have been cleared up and I have agreed to accept the order numerous times. Please submit the order at your earliest convenience.”

Here’s where it stands now:
The seller is unresponsive
Support has been updated on the situation and I await their reply

Honestly, best case scenario is that support simply reconfirms the items that I previously rejected. I cannot help but wonder how many other people this Seller has abused the system with in an effort manage their reviews, because despite an overwhelming amount of positive feedback these types of games appear to be common with the Seller.


Sorry you’ve had a problem.

If your seller no longer wants to work with you, I would suggest a mutual cancellation would be the best thing for both of you. There’s no point in forcing somebody to work with you who doesn’t want to, for whatever reason.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


It seems as though you’ve received the logos you initially envisioned which I’m happy to hear.

Hopefully support can resolve the issues involved!


Not to change the subject, but you should be a writer on Fiverr. Your clarity and ability to get your point across was excellent and on top of that you pointed out where the seller was right. I hope you get this fixed but if your writing is always this good, you may be missing your calling.


Sellers on Fiverr a literally degenerating from bad to worse. It’s saddening

Such a shame you’re generalising about ‘sellers’ - many on here are really rather good! :slight_smile:

Can you imagine the (justifiable) uproar if somebody said a similar thing about buyers?


I appreciate the feedback received. Still waiting o a response from Customer Service to respond.

@steveeyes, I never really thought about it. Fiverr is very competitive and I would have a hard time getting started since my writing portfolio is 10 years old. Thanks for the compliment though :slight_smile:

I do want to remind people who comment: please refrain from calling out specific Sellers. This has happened a few times and doesn’t really contribute to the conversation.

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So does support usually take over a week to respond? The message with Support has gone unacknowledged since June 23.

Send a polite follow-up!

Fiverr receives thousands of messages on a daily basis! It’s inevitable that One support inquiry may be missed.