Hey Sellers, Check Your Feb 2015 Earnings - $344 just disappeared from mine


I was working on gigs with my TO DO page open when all the sudden my monthly earned total decreased by $344! There is absolutely no reason behind it, nor does this number mean anything to me. The page simply refreshed and there was a decrease. Thankfully I keep a spreadsheet (and encourage every seller to do this) where I track my monthly earnings so it is very easy for me to prove that, indeed, I am missing this money.

The Analytics page total for 2015 and since joining Fiverr is still accurate but my monthly subtotal is not. I just submitted a ticket to @FiverrSupport

Anyone else seeing this?


Thank you for that. I have just started on Fiverr so will definitely start a spreadsheet.


I asked CS once if that number was accurate, because mine was jumping up and downs like yours was and once reset itself in the middle of a month, and they said it was much better to track your monthly earnings on the revenue page and with your own spreadsheet, (which I, too strongly encourage every seller to do), which kind of makes it sound like the “Earned This Month” area is not exactly reliable.


Thanks for the heads-up! Do you recommend manually keeping a spreadsheet for my own records or just regularly export the one from the Revenues page?


@strongestate I’m sure that it will come back from CS that the difference is the amount that you have withdrawn. I noticed my total was lower also, but when I go through the list and add the withdrawals to my total earnings showing, it adds up correctly. I don’t think Fiverr is skimming money from us, they just aren’t the swiftest coders sometimes.


Response I received from CS:

"Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us. The “Earned this month” figure is based on orders that have entered the clearing period within this calendar month. So, your Earned this month will also factor in orders that were actually placed last month but entered clearing this month.

I hope this clarifies the issue. We’re here if you need anything."

I replied back asking her to expand on how the number would decrease on the 7th day of the month given the reasoning above. If orders from January were carried over, that would inflate my calculations, not decrease them.

I have been selling for about a year and have never noticed this happening before, glad to know other sellers have dealt with it. @emasonwrites @webtelly doesn’t it concern you that these revenue numbers are just kinda tossed out there? Just when I think I understand all of it, I discover I do not. I want some strict accounting and never feel like I get it on Fiverr. What’s worse, I have no idea if/when any of us did have a valid concern that we were missing funds anyone from Fiverr would even listen to us or try to make it right, spreadsheets or not. It is a downfall from the sellers’ points of view that we lack this control.

On a different note, but along these same lines, has anyone had success with their revenue page actually refreshing to show month by month or previous years’ numbers? A fantastic new feature (especially during tax season) added just a few weeks ago but thus far the coding isn’t there. I can set my criteria to reflect 2015 only and it does nothing. My revenue page continues to reflect lifetime Fiverr sales. Again, this is why I keep a spreadsheet.


Reply to @doubleu: I keep an Excel spreadsheet backed up to my Google Drive, but I personally think you cannot keep too many records when working on Fiverr. I also take screen shots of my end of month revenue analytics and keep them in a document. I have a legal background and if ever something had to come to court - keeping this type of hard evidence is what will win. You may think that will never happen, and I hope it does not, but I was the victim of a phishing scam through the Fiverr messaging system and was very happy I had all of the documentation I did because I had to file a police report and contact PayPal corporate.

My spreadsheet contains monthly revenue numbers and then I total them at the end of each year into annual revenue numbers too. I built a simple bar chart so I can visually see how my months compare to each other. Best of luck to you!!