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Hey Sellers, Need to improve my gig. Please Advice

I have posted my gig about, On-SEO, What i have to do now… to get orders:

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You can promote your gigs on gmail or some other communities.


Perhaps you can, like, totally, use your own SEO knowledge to prepare your own gig for orders. Surely you can, like, totally, optimize your gig for the first page of Fiverr as well.

It always baffles me when I see new sellers who claim to be marketing and SEO professionals, complaining here on the forums that they don’t know how to “get orders”. If you are already a professional in the marketing world, shouldn’t you also know how to market your own gigs here on Fiverr as well? :wink:


Like, OMG your gig image and description is like, totally lackluster. No creativity whatsoever. In fact the gig image and the description is the same thing.

After reading your comment. See, you put me in a valley girl mood, @jonbaas! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s like, totally awesome! Yay! :upside_down_face::innocent:


yups, you are right… but i just posted here for getting advice who are already here for long time. i have knowledge of seo but it is always better if you ask some professionals who are already in the market before you. as i am new to fiverr, i would like to make my circle with positive professionals as you are. thanks for replying.

thanks for this help.

thanks for this tip. i will change my image soon.

So I’ll admit that I don’t know very much about SEO or ranking in Google, but maybe that’s a good thing? Maybe I can provide the perspective of someone with little SEO knowledge.

I wouldn’t think that ranking on the first page of Google is something that can be guaranteed, and for only $10, it comes across as a ‘too good to be true’ situation.

Your service is very cheap and promising a lot. If I were in need of this service, I would pass by your gig because I wouldn’t believe it.

Maybe it is possible to rank on the first page of Google, I have no idea. Possibly raising your price and delivery timeframe (one day delivery seems like a rush) would get rid of that ‘too good to be true’ vibe.

Just my thoughts! Good luck to you :slight_smile:

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It will surely help me i guess.