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Hey sellers, stop being annoying

When I post request the most annoying thing you can do is to search my profile and message me with your offer.

If you think messaging me with those offers will give you a job, it will not.

It’s just an easy way to piss me off as I must answer your offers or my response time will be decreased.


Don’t forget to flag them as spam!


Report to fiverr support tem, they can help you with this

I can’t quite follow Michal as I’m new here so I hope you don’t mind me asking :sweat_smile:

What do you request and how? Don’t you request to get in touch with people that want / can fulfil your request? I can of course understand it’s annoying to be bothered by needy, spammy people

I don’t do that, but I just check out the name and call the seller by his name. So, if I were to bid on your request, and I were to call you “Michael”, would that annoy you?
Because I do that in my offers (almost all). Maybe this is the reason I’m not getting a good response?

I doubt that’s the reason you aren’t getting responses.


You can just spam them, then after there is no reply required. Your response rates no longer will be affected.

Hi buddy no it’s not like that. When I post request sellers should create their offers and I want to review them when I have some time, now what some of them doing is basically copying my name and searching my profile to send me a message. When you post a request in very niche category it’s okay, but when you lets say want a logo (graphics design is very overpopulated category) your inbox will be just literally spammed with low quality offers.

Buyer requests are for creating offers in buyer requests section, not to inbox buyer with offers.


I actually like when seller is calling me by name because that shows he is concerned.

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Thanks for clarifying your point

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