"Hey, sir." "Excuse me, sir." "Please, sir?"


Look, I know that “sir” is generally seen as a sign of respect that can potentially be gender neutral (but obviously leans towards men). However, that doesn’t stop me from feeling a blow to my ego when you use it to address me.

I at least hope that my profile picture does not look like a “sir.”

Some guy used this to address me 3 times.

Please try not to address a female as “sir.” We tend to not like it.

How do I work in fiber?

This good advice me. Thanks you, bro. (Mek Sell humor aside, I complete agree). :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :sunglasses:


Since you bought it, is there a good way to address someone if we don’t know their gender?

I normally address them with there first name, if I know it, is it okay?

Thank you :slight_smile:


The best way to address someone on Fiverr is to use their Username to sound more formal. So it would be like “Hello, Shifan”. You could, however, simply say “Hello” or “Hi” without the username.

For instance:

"Hello, @jonbaas,

I saw that you offered X service and would like to know if you also offered Y as well?"


The non use of a name should be made compulsory at this point except on delivery at this stage.
Fiverr messages are now pretty much chat and nobody says “hi sir” or “hi Lucy” in chats.


I ask people if they are male or female. It’s not unusual for many buyers to give me a male name when they have a female picture or sometimes vice versa. Sometimes their user name is male but they are females, etc.


Please stop addressing ANYONE sir. No one uses it in real world except in certain geographies.
If someone calls me sir, I automatically get cautious and question the seller’s ability to perform any task.


I never used sir and never gonna use it. (my opinion)


I never thought using sir could be an issue, unless it is a female.


That’s a problem! Everyone should be carefull when calling Sir! :rofl::joy: :sweat_smile::laughing:


Now you’ve done with the “sir” course, let’s move to the “dear” part.


I would “Hi (username)” instead “Dear (username)”. That’s my decision.


“Dear (username)” is still acceptable. Just don’t “Hi Dear”.


Yes! Absolutely acceptable.


I just used Hi, Hello, and Holla. I think it’s more simple and universal regards :roll_eyes: or perhaps any suggestion for me, I will consider it :face_with_monocle:


Me too :slight_smile:


Let’s 2018-05-04_14h16_45 (I got this from you) :tada::tada::tada:


I agree with you, dear.


Lol this made me laugh because a couple days ago, after a message exchange, I get left with this. I didn’t reply haha


Even If sellers know the buyer is male, he shouldn’t be addressed as sir. Using their name is best.