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Hey, Some GREAT news and improvements of Fiverr

For those who have wondered if it’s possible to have improvements to Fiverr, especially ones that help both buyers and sellers, …check it out!

Fiverr will now be accepting Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diser, etc.

This is great news and hopefully will encourage people to work with Fiverr to return to the review system or some functional alternative…

…as well as, mean a lot more sales for sellers and ease of purchase for buyers.

Thank you Fiverr.

PS Let’s get the review system where we need it to be so I can get my gigs going again!

Ugh, this is how it is now it seems.

Post with good news, few views, and no replies.

This is what the ARS has done to our community.

anarchofighter said: Fiverr will no be accepting
Ugh, you say it's not accepting credit cards, but image shows us the contrary... is it just a typo?
Did you mean "Fiverr will now be accepting"?

Well, couldn’t they have technically already did this already just through Paypal directly? I suppose though that this should open the site up to a much wider market, though. So good news in that aspect. :slight_smile:

Your image implies this only applies to AMERICAN buyers…??

Reply to @madmoo: Not sad at all… why would you even say that??

Americans make more purchases on Fiverr (and the Internet World), than all other nations combined.


They are #1… of the “Big Five”.

What makes your “sadly” comment even stranger… is that Britain is #2!


Reply to @mark74: Yep, was a typo, I meant NOW be not No be or (not be)

@anarchofighter - That is terrific news and it proves that Fiverr can and will make some positive, logical choices. I was also delightfully shocked to learn that I no longer need to worry about cancellation requests affecting my level. That was a huge relief!

Yes, I have been consistent that Fiverr is a quality outfit. And that even the best cannot be correct 100% of the time.

And, neither can it be wrong 100% of the time

As the saying goes, a broken clock is right twice a day.

This is welcome development. I sometimes get questions how to buy without using paypal.

Reply to @madmoo: And that’s the point - the Internet World DOES revolve around the US.

It’s a fact. Get used to it. :slight_smile:

> most of the new features or announcements, they’re directed towards the US.

Yes, and if you’re an Internet Company, that’s called “Being Smart”.

> announce them in EST

Yes, make your announcement in the timezone containing the MOST customers you have, of any timezone on the planet!

Again, why do have a problem… with Fiverr being LOGICAL??

regency85 said: the Internet World DOES revolve around the US.

Wow...... Just wow.... Exasperated

Reply to @ozzieuk: Laugh! Good response.

But it’s true. And remember, I’m not American.

On the Net, the US is a bigger factor than the rest of the world combined - mathematical fact!

However, if it makes you “feel better” Ozzie, one you remove the US, the UK is a bigger factor than the rest of the world combined, too!


(Note: “Mathematical Dominance” only occurs for the top 2 - US & UK.)

thnaks fiverr this is good news @};- my country not accept paypal :frowning: