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Hey some other help


I tried to create a buyer request 3 times already
every time I create one it gets denied and Fiverr do not says why it is denied
so my question relies on why it gets denied and what can I improve in my buyer request?


What service are you trying to ask for please?


video animation selling it and not requesting it just like other buyers do
i got the idea from another Fiverr seller that said you need to this in order to get your first sale


If your are newbie then please wait few days then again send buyer request.


No - that’s why you can’t submit a request.

Buyers’ requests is just that - where buyers go to look for services, not for sellers to advertise their services.

Please don’t try advertising there, you could end up being suspended etc.

You can respond to buyers’ requests as a seller.


Hi. there my name is narendra singh I am a creative and professional video and animation editing I have been a video and animation editing designer for more then 4 years, I am here not just to earn money but to express my skills and make my customers happy.I hope I will work with you so soo , Thank you
this is a quote from a guy that appears at my buyer request and he is selling his service as you can see


And he’s wrong as well - please don’t copy him!


DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR SERVICES AS A SELLER ON BUYER REQUESTS! There’s no point and it’s really, really annoying.

See the forum for heaven’s sake; it’s full of sellers complaining about other sellers advertising on buyer requests. Jeez!


Now that’s what I call a frustrated post! :scream:


You are a seller not Buyer… You haven’t rights to create a buyer request.



Probably he asked you to apply on job post.
Buyer Request section is for Buyer. They will post their requirement in job post and available seller will respond their request. If any of job post matches your skill you can apply them.
I have seen a lot of mourn post on social media that their id got suspended because they advertise them in Buyer Request.
The market is competitive.
To get your First Order you can See This Forum Discussion.


You shouldn’t advertise in Buyer Requests as a seller, it can get you banned, and this is not a bug so your post is being moved out of bug reports. :neutral_face:


O God man he is doing wrong thing why are copying him :neutral_face: I just cannot understand why people don’t trust on their skills.