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Hey sorry i dont want to annoy anyone... but i have 0 impressions :(

Hi! im new in fiverr and i dont really know how am i supposed to grow here… i haven’t had any views yet and im kinda sad bc i naively thought that i would get some as soon as i posted… so yeah, what can i do? My social media isnt gonna work, i have like 20 followers so :frowning: i’ll appreciate some feedback


Your profile says you joined in September 2020, which is only a day old. It can take a little time for gigs to go live and for stats to update.

Give it a day or two and you should start seeing impressions. :slight_smile:


Just to add to @ahmwritingco stats are not updated right away, they are updated only on the next day.

However it might take some time to make your gig visible :wink: drawings is a quite tough niche to sell so you might think of the ways to make your gig more competitive and relative to current market overtime.

But good luck anyway, you have good quality drawings


Hello @edulcorante, welcome to Fiverr and its forum! :grinning: I went and checked your gig; it looks awesome. I’m sure there will be buyers who are interested in purchasing your gig, it’s a matter of time.

Sometimes new gig(s) will not appear on searches just yet (add unpopular niches like mine and you will have even lower impressions and clicks, haha), but gigs do rotate with their own mysterious formula and I believe you will be able to find yours on the first few top pages one day and gain the traction you wish for.

For the time being, you can browse the tips section here or read some of the threads to familiarize yourself with the platform. Don’t forget to read the Terms of Service too - you will find it extremely useful.

Best of luck! :wink:


Oh okay! i’ll wait then, thank u so much for your answer!


aw, thank you so much for the feedback! i’ll be patient haha

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omg thank you for the feedback and for helping me, it meant a lot :slight_smile: i’ll be patient and read those tips and hope for the best haha