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Hey...! ***Superhero Landing..!***

Hey My name is SHAILAABH…
I am using fiverr from few years but decided to make account few weeks ago…and decided to be SOCIAL WITH COMMUNITY just today…
Every forum has its own rules so If you have any advice/tip, dont keep it to yourself…

Bows Chivalrously


There are lots of rules, so pardon me if I´ll just link you to the Forum Etiquette post, and in the comment to that post, you´ll find links to even more rules. :wink:

But more importantly, hey and welcome, Shailaabh. Have fun.


nono…you can link me in any post…but only if theres a badge for that…:trophy::2nd_place_medal:
btw thanks for welcome…

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I went to read the Forum Etiquette post you posted. I discovered there is a new one made for 2017.