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Hey there from Ireland!


It seems egregiously indulgent to make a whole new topic just to say hi, but it seems to be the way of it, so here it is!


Nice to meet you all, been here a month or so now, figured I’d stop lurking and contribute.


Hello back to you from Tokyo!
Welcome to the forum! :smiley:


You are welcome to Fiverr.
All the way from an half island near Akure, Nigeria. The place where the mountains play with the harefooted trees every unknown number of nights.
Where the lowland Gorillas drum their breastplates to unite the synchrony of the universe.
Where the elephants call the boys to play at moonlit as the chameleons walk into the grey clothed mangroves on market days…
they’ll always call the snows, something they’ve been doing for more than 50 million years but never got an answer.
Once again, you’re welcome.


Welcome from the Rocky Mountains of the USA.



Don’t tell me that’s the view you see from your window everyday…

(if it is, you’re making me very jealous)


Thank you! And Tokyo! Cool! Very much on my list of places to visit some day :smiley:


Thank you very much!
Sounds wonderful!

I bet you’re a creative writer. :smiley:


Thank you and WOW what a view!

Got to hike the rockies some day, been up some nice peaks in Ireland, but nothing compared to that!


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much!


Yeah, that’s great and all but in Ireland we have Leprechauns


Hello from Greece and welcome in Fiverr. Good luck and good sales.

Maria S.


Nice tale Man!!
We have the leprechauns here also, they are the kids of our Gorilla infested forests.
I guess you still need to meet the king of our super jungle the Egbere , kind and merciful. 0.003km to the north lies the home of stalactite and stalagmites on whose teeth our egberes cultivate rhythms. Calling children and Raras to the lake for the harvest of the most echeloned songs. The 4 endless songs our dead foremothers sang through the thrushes. Note that these 4 thrushes own the last remaining drops of the universe’s elixir.


Indeed, I’m 1/4 Leprechaun myself.

Also 3/4 Irish 1/2 English and a little fragment of Welsh.

(Hi Eoin!)


Thank you! And you also. :slight_smile:


Welcome! This is a great place to learn and get ideas!


Thank you kindly, and yes it seems so, also you seem like a lovely bunch!

I look forward to picking your brains in the future. :smiley:


I confess that was a stock photo of the Rocky Mountains. But where I live is just as beautiful.

Here is my son celebrating his climb to the top of a mountain 35 miles from my home.
However, since I live in a town that is not the view out my window.

Here is a picture of the mountains I see when I get out of my neighborhood which has a lot of trees.


Even much more trilling than the earlier photo.
I love this so … So much…
Do you guys have some strange creatures up there like we do in my area?


We have many wild creatures. grizzly bears, moose, moutain lions, elk, deer, black bears, mountain goats an big horn sheep to name a few. The goats and sheep stay high in the montains but the other animals venture into the valleys. Sometimes they even wander into town and down main street!