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Hey there from Ireland!


Welcom to Fiverr forum! From Sri Lanka


Woah! Quite fascinating. I would love to be there someday.


Wooooow !!!

I love this so much!
I watch these animals on National Geographic. Since childhood I love animals with infinite passion
especially Africa’s wildlife .
I know and love all these animals you mentioned especially the grizzly Bear and the wapitis.
When I became a poet one of the first piece I wrote was about animals
“Song of exiles in the Serengeti”
I was published by some literary journals.


Thank you, and hello to you too!



I apologize for sliding :sled: a bit offtopic on your thread. :thread: :confused:


No apology required!
Been on the internet since 1995, and I’ve derailed more forum threads than I can remember. So enjoy yourself :smiley:

Totally jealous of where you live though, sounds and looks amazing. Bet the air is so fresh.