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Hey there, i have a question regarding level 2 status


it’s said that to achieve level 2 status , we need to have 50 sales in 2 months.

to achieve level 1 we need 10 sales .

since the first day until now, it had been 2 months and i only have 37 sales …

i need 13 more , will the counter restart from 0 when it enters the 3rd month ?

or can you i just relax and wait for 13 more sales ??

thank you


Most things in terms of stats are usually not correctly represented on your profile but it seems as if Fiverr recognizes this and is working at correcting it.

kjblynx said:
  • Level 2 is actually earned after you get 50 orders and have been a member for at least 2 months.

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  • This is false. You can see I have 97 reviews (about 125 orders) and have been here for a year. It is 50 in 2 consecutive months. Not 50 overall. Otherwise I would have hit Level 2 a long time ago


    Its okay, you just need 50 order, and good review, then you will automatically upgrade in level 2 seller, get 13 more sales… we are waiting for celebrate your level 2 seller.


    Good Day! You just need to complete 50 orders and stay active for more than 60 days. So relax and work your best for the upcoming orders. Peace


    Reply to @kjblynx: It definitely may have changed at some point but that’s how it is now. From this url:

    To get to level 2:

    Completed at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months

    Maintain a 4.5 star rating or above

    Have a low cancellation rate

    So for me I only average about 15-20 orders a month which is why I always just miss level 2. It adds to 30-40 in consecutive months. Also gig multiples and customer orders don’t count any more toward the total which sucks.


    Reply to @kjblynx: thank god ! haha i thought i’d had to start over !! thanks !


    Reply to @latifahmed: i now need 11 more !!