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Hey there! I'm a proofreader, editor, transcriber, and translator willing to offer top-notch services to any new clients!

Hey. My name’s Fran - I’m a self-taught wordsmith, passionate board game player, and a student of a classical gymnasium.

I’m here on Fiverr to offer my knowledge of German, English, and Croatian in both transcription and proofreading/editing gigs with standardized rates. I also take translation jobs on the side! Message me and we can work out a deal specially for you.

You’ll be informed of the progress of your piece regularly, and it will often be finished ahead of schedule, so you can get your work done faster. Of course, all of my work is backed up with a guarantee of quality- you can rest assured that your requests will be handled swiftly and that the end-result will be one of the best services in this category you can get from Fiverr.

Drop a message or take a look at my gigs over my profile, or individually! If you think none of them suit your specific needs, I take custom orders too!

I’m looking forward to doing business with you, and also look forward to any critique you can give me- I want to take it and improve, and work towards providing the best service I possibly can!

Good work keep working