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Hey You--Are You A Fat Freelance Slob Shovelling Junk Food Into Your Mouth?


I’ll start a group tomorrow for all of us food baby carriers.

I am rather disappointed that it is almost March though. Time, you are so unfair.


The worst sin in India is to kill a cat. It’s almost as sinful as killing a cow.


I’ve 39 kg weight over last year, although I eat a lot of lays and fries.:joy:


@emmaki Are chocolates included in the diet food. :confused: Just saying you know. :wink:


you have a cat? photo please! :heart_eyes:


Ok people, I am ready for this. My juicer and George Foreman grill are arriving in the morning, my local gym have given me a one month trial and I have got some willpower in the fridge. How is this gonna work btw?

PS. I vote that every time Fiverr is down we are allowed to eat whatever we want until it is back up.

Body is too similar to what you recently posted

Well it is pancake day - fill your boots!


Please tell me about your willpower in the fridge. Does it shout at you when you reach for the cake and then congratulate you if you switch to the celery sticks?


Well, it helps when willpower is the ONLY thing in the fridge although I like your idea better.


Nope. Coffee & Biscuits.


I forgot until you mentioned it on the other post so it hasn’t started well!

I had weetbix for breakfast and I have a leftover chinese takeaway in the fridge for lunch.

I will start at dinner time. I have some Bok Choy. That’ll be nice braised.


Change that to coffee and Creme Eggs and I am good with that.

@capitalquality meh, just start on Eastern US time, gives you extra leeway.


Hm, I finished the Mövenpick Walnut family size icecream last night, so guess my willpower is big enough for the fridge.


Ok, mods may eat Creme Eggs instead of Biscuits.


Yesssss! I knew the perks would kick in at some point!


Oh my God, I’ve just remembered I have a Kapiti Ice cream triple chocolate flavour in the freezer. Damn!


Oooh,…triple willpower trial for you.


Switch to EST and chomp down on that like there’s no tomorrow!

Or make day 1 a cheat day. ahem

Creme Eggs are 200% sugar. No.


You had weetabix for breakfast - you can have ice cream to balance things up as you are setting the standards too high for the rest of us.