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Heya! New artist reporting for duty!

Hello there!
My name’s Inge, a game artist and illustrator from the Netherlands. When I’m not drawing things (mostly characters and their environments), I’m probably writing them, faffing about in Maya or Illustrator, reading or just merrily browsing the internet.
With Fiverr I hope to get more freelance work going! However, I’d also love to get to know more of the people on here, be it to maybe work with one day, or just for inspiration and a good conversation!

So, nice to meet you all! If you feel like it, don’t hesitate to tell me a little bit about yourself as well!


Good day Inge!
My name is Ian from Ukraine. Developing web scrapers is my hobby, so Fiverr helps a lot)
Nice to hear that you go freelancing here 8) and do right steps

Good luck, Inge

Thank you
Best Ian


Nice to meet you, Ian! I’ll admit, I had to look up what web scrapers are, but now that I’ve done so; that is pretty cool! It’s great that you’ve been able to turn your hobby into something profitable!

Thanks, you too!

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I am shalitha . I am from sri lanka. I am also illustration artist since 2017. I am design line art drawing , logo and other illustration. I am doing illustration by using adobe illustrator. I was joined in 2018 October but i have done only 21 job and Still i am new seller.
I hope to get more freelance work going. I also love know about world wide illustration artist because i believe it will help to increase knowledge about design work.
Nice to meet you .

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Pleasure to meet you too! I had a quick gander at your page and your line art work looks good! 21 jobs is a pretty neat track record so far, though, right?
Best of luck!

image May you be succesful on Fiverr!

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Fellow Dutchie?
And thanks!

No, not a dutchie. However, one of my favorite Forum members, @mariokluser is from the Netherlands. He comes around here once in a while.

My ancestors lived in the Netherlands for a time while they were looking for a new home because they were persecuted in England at the time. However, they eventually left to live in the US, and here I am!

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Ah I see! Curious to meet him as well then

And sounds like and eventful family history! Mine just never really strayed from the North of the Netherlands, haha.

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Thank you very much. I wish you will get more freelance work .

That is very kind of you, thanks!

Likewise, and thank you!

That would be pretty cool indeed!
What sort of characters do you enjoy voicing the most?

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